Frequently asked questions

Can I remove my business page from HotSpotter?

If your business is permanently closed, please let us know by reporting it. Please note that closed businesses sometimes still appear in HotSpotter search results, for example, to inform users that the business is closed. If you need to update or change the information on your business page, please submit any changes by editing your business information on HotSpotter for Business Owners or on the HotSpotter for Business Owners app and submitting a detailed note with any supplementary information.

How do I report content that violates HotSpotter's Content Guidelines or Terms of Service?

We generally allow users to stand behind the content they post, and will only remove user-posted content if we believe it violates our Content Guidelines.
If you notice content that may violate HotSpotter's guidelines, please let our moderators know by reporting it. Keep in mind that you'll need to be signed up with HotSpotter and logged in to your account in order to report any content.

  • Report a review
  • Report a photo or video
  • Report a Tip
  • Report a Talk post
  • Report a HotSpotter profile
  • Report a direct message
  • Report a business owner comment
HotSpotter is a community-driven site, and removing photos, reviews, or other user content is not something we take lightly. Our moderators carefully check all reported content against our Content Guidelines, and if we believe a review violates those we will remove it and message the user to let them know. If you've already reported something and have questions about the response you received, please contact our Support team.
Please also keep in mind that we use automated software to determine which reviews to recommend to our users, so even if our moderators do not remove the review, our software may separately determine that it isn't useful or reliable enough to show to our users.
Business owners should also feel free to use their business accounts to respond publicly or via direct message to any inaccuracies in the review.

Is HotSpotter responsible for content posted by its users?

We do our best to foster a community of users who post helpful, relevant, and reliable content, but users are ultimately responsible for the things they post on HotSpotter. If you have questions about a specific photo or review, you should report it for evaluation and consider reaching out to the person who posted it.

Why isn't the business page I added appearing when I search for it?

When you add a business to HotSpotter, it has to be evaluated by our moderators before it appears in search results. If you added a business recently but you can't find it in search, it's likely that it still has to be evaluated - please don't submit the same business multiple times.

This process may take a while depending on our ability to independently verify any submissions, and we will sometimes reject a submission if we're unable to independently confirm the business or if the business isn't eligible for HotSpotter.


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